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Skies of Arcadia Legends Top Ten ImageSometimes when a review for a game (or whatever) that really means something to me comes along it seems that just a review isn’t enough. I talked at some length in my recent love-letter to Skies of Arcadia: Legends about the soundtrack and how much it enriches the game with its innumerable mood-setting melodies. It seems only fitting now that I take a moment to really honour the game’s wonderful soundtrack with a good top ten. So here are my ten favourite individual tunes from the OST. Any one of these conjures feelings of pure escapism and adventure one way or another and they are all tunes I could happily listen to just for themselves. As usual with this type of Top Ten there’s no waffle from me. I’ll let the music explain itself.

10. Gilder’s Theme

9. Military Facility Dungeon

8. Battle 1

7. Valua City

6. Armada Battle

5. Blue Rogues’ Theme

4. Opening Theme

3. Final Battle

2. Little Jack

1. Credits