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Fallblox Image 1Pullblox pretty much defined the 3DS eShop. The game’s mixture of cuddly characters and demanding puzzles proved the perfect fit for the download platform. The sequel was inevitable but this is Intelligent Systems we’re talking about, they’re not prone to churning out any old cash-vacuuming rehashes and as you can imagine, Fallblox, known in some territories as Crashmo, doesn’t just give you more of the same.

Again you play as tubby Mallo only this time his task is to rescue several dozen birds which have flown away from their owner and perched on top of the numerous Fallblox. The levels resemble those of the previous game quite closely but solving them actually requires you to think in some different directions. Instead of pulling blocks out of a vertical plane to three different depths each block can be moved around in any direction. One block will only move another if one its faces pushes against a neighbour, otherwise blocks move independently and those balancing on top will remain rigid while you move supporting blocks around. Move a lower block out from underneath any resting on top and they will fall unless they happen to be a cloud block.

The key to reaching the top of each level is in moving blocks around in such a way to open a path for you ascend without dropping too many blocks, thereby putting your goal out of reach. The first few levels are very straightforward but as design grow larger and more complex the difficulty skyrockets. You will spend a considerable amount of time just staring at puzzles trying to imagine a way to conquer them.

The amount of content on offer is excellent, the controls perfectly up to the job and the level of satisfaction on offer for beating a tough Fallblox is suitably powerful. The game makes you think creatively and those who enjoy keeping their brains occupied will find plenty of value. The only real downside is that the game does demand rather a lot of patience and you will likely reach a point where you can’t see a solution to a nasty puzzle and will just feel like giving up. For everyone willing to go the distance there’s another excellent and thoughtful puzzler on offer here.


Design – 8

Gameplay – 7

Graphics – 6

Sound – 6

Content – 7


If you got a buzz from Pullblox you should find the same enjoyment in Fallblox. It strikes the same notes but does it by rewriting the rules rather than just doing more of the same.